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Bet365 Sportsbook Review And Esports Information

Based in the United Kingdom, Bet365 is a very large online gambling company that employs over 3,000 people and has a worth of close to $2 billion. As one of the world’s leading online gambling groups, Bet365 has an impressive 19 millions customers around the globe, including a huge chunk of Europe’s online gamblers, and its sportsbook is one of the most popular and recognized on the planet. The Bet365 sportsbook is famous for quite a few reasons. First and foremost, their commitment to quality gambling has been apparent across their entire network for years, offering the best in software options and incredibly tight security that keeps players safe. For their sportsbook in particular, Bet365 is known as such a large presence in the gambling world that they actually get their betting lines before most other sources, and the way Bet365’s lines trend help to shape the way the rest of the betting world offers its lines to consumers. As a gambling company, Bet365 offers poker, casino games, bingo, video streaming events, and of course sports betting. For the purposes of this site, we’ll be focusing more on Bet365’s Esports section.

Esports are a popular genre just starting to take off in the mainstream. So it’s rare that you’ll find a sportsbook with a big Esports betting section. However, throughout our research of various sportsbooks offering an Esports section, we can confidently say that Bet365 has the largest and most user-friendly and option-heavy section of Esports we have yet to see. And as Esports continue to grow in popularity, likely is the case that Bet365 will have even more to offer. Along with great bonuses, a strong sense of security, solid software and an impressive array of sports outside of Esports, our first impressions of Bet365 are very solid. But let’s look a little more in depth at what the site offers.

Bet365 License and Security

Although based in the United Kingdom, Bet365 is licensed and regulated by the gambling authorities of Malta. Any way you slice this, however, Bet365 is an offshore site that’s not beholden to the gambling laws of America. Unfortunately, however, a big stain on Bet365 that we noticed after our initial rundown was that the site does not accept players from the United States. So if you’re from America and reading this, you don’t need to waste any more of your time. You can check out other sportsbooks we have reviewed and find a site that will accept you. There are plenty of them out there; unfortunately, Bet365 doesn’t want to be one of them, for whatever reasons. This instantly gives them a 10-point decrease in our assessment, but that doesn’t mean they still aren’t a great site for gamblers outside of the US. If you’re based in Canada, Europe, South America, etc, you may find Bet365 to be a very solid sportsbook for betting on Esports.

In terms of security, many consider Bet365 to be the new industry standard with their solid encryption software and their increased security measures to keep hackers out of players’ accounts and away from the network’s random-number generators in their casino games and poker sites. One telling fact about the site’s security is that we cannot find any negative press about breaches or potential weak spots in our research. While there are user complaints about Bet365, and every site running, none of them seem to deal with the site’s security. Things are tight as a drum at Bet365.

Bet365 Software

The site’s software is proprietary and works as a responsive template, which means that it’s going to load well on any device you have. If you have a full-sized desktop PC, you can log right on and play, and the same thing with a smaller mobile device. You don’t have to download any special mobile version to take up more room. The site will function the same on a mobile device as it will a full-sized PC or Mac. The software packs more boom than you may realize initially. Because Bet365 allows for live streaming options with many of their sports, you can watch the games and matches in live-time from any device with which you have accessed the sportsbook. The best part about this streaming option is that it doesn’t have a very big footprint. It’s not going to drag your processing power down or anything, and it tends to run smoothly on most devices.

Bet365 Bonuses and Promotions

Bet365 sportsbook has one of the simplest promotions there is. But it changes often so we recommend checking out their current offers directly on their website. Now, some people who know about gambling bonuses may be thinking that this is a rather weak bonus. The reason is that this bonus is perhaps the easiest to clear that we’ve seen in a while. You don’t have to make that many bets because the site is giving you a larger chunk of that money with each bet you make. You simply have to turn over the amount you deposit. So if you deposit $20, just bet $20 to receive your bonus, and so on. This really couldn’t be easier, and it’s far fewer hoops through which to jump than the typical turnover requirements of gambling sites.

Other bonuses that Bet365 is offering include a referral bonus, where you’ll get a nice chunk of change for every person you refer who ends up depositing money into their accounts. You’ll get a max of $50 or cash equivalent with friends who deposit via your referral. There’s also an additional bonus for mobile-specific players, whereby you can receive a match bonus if you decide to go with their mobile version. Now, you can access the regular version through a mobile device and have the same experience as a PC, but Bet365 also offers a mobile-specific download if you’re interested. Check out the site for further bonuses and promotions, as they are subject to change frequently.

Bet365 Banking Options

Since Bet365 doesn’t cater to Americans, they’re not offering banking options like PayPal and Bitcoin. Even still, players from Europe and other locations can have instant, free banking with the wide assortment of banking options Bet365 does provide. You can use basic credit cards for depositing, such as Visa and MasterCard. They also accept most debit cards, as the cash is already on them and is instant. Then you have options like Neteller, Skrill, Ukash, PaySafeCard, Entropay, Qiwi, bank and wire transfers, and checks. These are all depositing options. For your withdrawal options, make sure you check with the site carefully based on your territory/country. Their default withdrawal options include debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, Ukash, Entropay, wire transfer and checks, but you still want to make sure that the site doesn’t restrict certain areas from using certain methods. Since Bet365 does restrict some countries, you may find that not every withdrawal option is available to you based on where you’re located.

Esports Betting Options and Lines at Bet365

The list of Esports offered and the lines you can choose is very impressive. Bet365 carries the typically popular Esports matches like League of Legends, StarCraft 2, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike, but rather than having to wait for big popular tournaments, or international play, Bet365 offers lines on a very wide range of matches and tournaments played. Even small-time online tournaments in LoL have lines on Bet365. You can also choose a wide range of betting lines. Spreads and moneylines are the industry standard but Bet365 also allows you to bet on map winners, correct scores, number of frags, over-under scores, futures, and more.

Beyond their Esports offerings, Bet365 also has a very impressive range of sports. They offer American, Aussie rules and international football (slash soccer). They have baseball, basketball, cricket, cycling and more. They feature boxing, UFC matches, martial arts, etc. They carry Olympic events, greyhound and horse races, and even a Gaelic sports section. There aren’t too many sports that aren’t covered at Bet365, and you can even bet on politics and other niche markets.

Benefits of Choosing Bet365

We realize that for many of you who read our site, not accepting Americans is a deal breaker and thus you cannot waste time being interested in Bet365. But of 7 billion people on the planet, only 330 million live in America, which means there’s a huge market outside the US that may be interested in Bet365. If you’re outside of the US and need a reason to sign up with the site, here are some Bet365 benefits.

• Their Esports selection is very large and there are plenty of lines you can choose
• If you like any sort of sport, you will find it on Bet365
• The site is incredibly safe and secure; no one is going to hack into the place
• The site has a great payout rate and typically pays very quickly
• The live video streaming option means you can watch most of the sports you bet on in live time
• The site has solid customer service
• The bonus is very easy to clear, and the referral program can be lucrative
• The site is available in over a dozen languages

What we found impressive about Bet365 more than anything is that they maintain the best rating in the industry, an A+, despite not offering its services to America. We’ll, we’re a little more impartial with our judgments here, and we say that not allowing US-based players is an instant 10-point decrease. So, overall, we’d give Bet365 a rating of 88. If only they’d allow Americans to gamble, that would be a rating of 98, which would put them as a strong A+ in our humble opinion. But even with their restricted countries, the site still manages to offer about as much to a sports better as any site we have seen, including a large section of Esports options, unique lines, tons of other sports, and much more. If you’re outside of America, this is a site that you would probably love to play with.

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