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Everything To Know About Esports Betting In 2024

Icon For Esports BettingAlthough Esports actually go by a few names, the most popular and most fitting name is a two-word moniker: Professional sports. The genre of Esports is also known as competitive gaming, and it’s essentially a term given to competitors within these multiplayer video games who duke it out for supremacy.

If you can imagine a popular game like a FPS, say, Call of Duty, and how there are so many servers operating online where you can meet up with other people in camp.

Now, imagine that your team of COD killers competes in tournaments on a world stage, in big events, and ends up winning big money and acclaim from the sport. This is what Esports are, in a nutshell, and it’s why the sport is so competitive in today’s market.

So, where do we come in at Esports Betting Sites? We’re not overly interested in giving you an actual rundown on the games themselves. Although we do the research and put in the leg-work to give you fair, impartial, detailed reviews on some of the hottest Esport games in circulation today, our number-one mission is actually to give you the inside line on Esports betting.

Through our resource site, we want to tell you about different sportsbooks allowing for Esports options, different lines to take, tips and tricks to actually win money, and other betting-specific information pertaining to Esports.

Most Popular E-Sports Betting Websites To Play For Real Money In 2024

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A Rundown of What We Offer in the E-sports Genre

For a quick overview of what we offer, just think of this resource the same way you’d think of legal offshore betting or a high-quality, legitimate sportsbook. The information contained within this sort of gambling-specific rhetoric would tell you about the security of a site, the banking options, customer support, and other criteria we would use to say whether a site was worth your time or not.

It’s essentially the same service offered here, only for sites on which you can bet Esport tournaments and events. As the genre becomes more popular and spreads, more and more people are obviously playing. As this sort of action increases across the marketplace, so too do the number of sportsbooks offering E-sports betting lines.

With Esports Betting Sites, you’re getting a no-muss, no-fuss look into the heart of these sites, where you’ll learn about their legitimacy, their software platforms, their betting options, and much more regarding the action of betting on sports. In other words, this resource is all about sports betting. Though rather than sticking with football or basketball, we’re dealing here specifically with Esports and their explosion online.

Esports in the Betting Culture

So, why do E-sports earn placement on legitimate betting sites? It’s a fair question to ask. After all, these are still video games we’re speaking about. However, the action is made for sports betting due to the competitive nature of the genre.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at a League of Legends tournament. You may have 16 teams to start out, 8 on each side. Of course, you have quarter-finals, semi-finals, and then a final match-up. As you can imagine, a person can bet on a team along every step of the road.

And not only team bets, such as spreads and O/U numbers and suchlike, but also proposition betting; e.g. which player gets the most frags, which team gets through unscathed, which character will end up the strongest, and on it goes.

Esports have a permanent place in today’s betting culture because there is a lot of betting material here. No one just decided on a whim to create lines around a sport like NFL football. Because of divisions, playoff seeding, rounds, the Super Bowl, and many other competitive aspects of an explicitly competitive sport, betting and football simply went hand in hand. The same holds true for E-sports.

Esports Games and the Genre

To date, there are dozens upon dozens of popular Esport games that are played, many of which are played in a tournament-style set-up wherein betting is very conducive to the atmosphere at hand. Throughout our website, we will give you a rundown on some of the more popular games via reviews, but our number-one goal is to illuminate you about the betting aspect of Esports and to point you in the direction of sportsbooks featuring Esport categories.

Learning about the categories will help you find games, especially if you feel like participating in E-sports. For example, you have the Fighting Games category, which features games like old-school Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Super Smash Bros.

Then you get into the FPS (First-Person Shooter) category and see games like Quake, Doom, COD, Counter-Strike, Halo, Battlefield, and more. For RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games, you’ll find StarCraft and Warcraft and other odds and ends.

Of course, if you want a huge multiplayer battle arena, the type of Esport that is broadcast all over and bet on the most, then you’re looking at games like Dota, League of Legends, Smite, Heroes of Newerth, and more.

What is a Pro Gamer, and is it For Anybody?

Such may be the case that you—yes, you—can get online right now, enter a FPS camp, and dominate. But does that make you a professional gamer? To understand what makes a professional gamer, let’s look at some of the things they’re known for. Pro gamers will typically have sick rig set-ups at home.

This means huge gaming PCs with 18 GIGs of memory, high-end Nvidia or Radeon graphics, usually 2GB or better independent, Core i7 processors, dual HDDS, one for space and something like a Raptor (250GB) for pure speed, and also the bells and whistles like huge HD monitors, wireless gaming keyboards, a mouse and headsets, and other gaming equipment.

Pro gamers are also anything but Johnny-come-lately gamers. They’re not the type to go into a camp and dominate. They’re the types who start leagues and servers online and who start dominating teams. They’re the people that you can’t even shoot or hit with a spell, much less kill.

Pro gamers invest far more time and money to be called a “pro” than someone like a pro poker player. It’s a commitment of time, money and resources, and it might not be for everyone. But we are thankful for professional gamers, as they keep alive the E-sports genre and ensure that you’ll find them on quality sportsbooks.

The Ascension to Legitimate Sport Across the Globe

Some people find it hard to swallow that poker is known as a sport. In fact, some people say that a game like golf shouldn’t even be declared a sport. And the international Olympic committee thought so little of baseball as a sport that they removed it from their roster, while keeping “sports” like curling and extreme (Xtreme) winter sports. So the term is very much subjective, but the buzz around Esports has launched the genre into the stratosphere.

Throughout the 2000s, Esports started more and more tournaments and thus started gaining more recognition. ESPN’s president John Skipper referred to Esports as a “competition” and a panel of so-called experts on HBO’s Real Sports, including Bernie Goldberg and Brian Gumble, laughed at the idea of Esports earning that classification.

But the sport has been evaluated by many and tried by even more, and it takes things typical sports do take: Skill, time, practice, intelligence, speed, execution, etc. For all these reasons, Esports are recognized now, where it matters the most (e.g. sportsbooks), as a legit sport.

Why Use Our Resource Site for Esports?

So, why use Esports Betting Sites instead of some Esports-specific site? The reason is simple: We’re not here to speak strictly about tournaments, to rank players, and to give props to the games these gamers are playing.

Rather, we’re here to tell you where you can go to find the best sportsbooks offering Esports as a gambling option. Along the way, we’re going to give you gaming reviews, betting information, esports site reviews, and other vital info to help you make the most informed decision possible.

If you’re looking for glowing reviews of E-sports and want us to keep you abreast of the top killers in the industry, we can’t help you. But if you want to know which legit sportsbooks are offering these options, and how you can earn money via Esports, we’re your go-to resource.

Popular Esports Games Available To Bet On In 2024