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League of Legends: The LOL Game Play and Your Real Money Betting Options For 2024

Known by its players and those within the gaming world as simply “LoL,” League of Legends is a fast-paced, very intense multiplayer online battle arena game that has exploded to new heights after it became a fixture in the betting world.

Not only do millions around the globe play this game, with thousands playing it competitively, but thousands also gamble on the game via some sportsbooks and other fantasy-based sites that allow for LoL betting options.

With Esports Betting Sites, our goal is to simply teach you the basic odds and ends of betting on such games. We don’t necessarily encourage you to take A or B action for X or Y result, but we do understand that, as gamblers, you’re going to bet.

And as such, we take the position that it’s far better for you to do so from an informed position, so we take it upon ourselves to explain to you the game of LoL and some of your viable betting options. Do with them what you will, but we hope you stop in at a quality sportsbook.

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About LoL Gameplay

League Of Legends

In terms of the LoL game itself, there exists thousands of pages of literature on this. So if you want walkthroughs, map-by-map layouts, character stats, and other gaming-specific information, then you can certainly find it with ease. This is just an intro to the game, as we segue into betting.

LoL is considered an RTS (real-time strategy) game before all else, though its online battle arena status has certainly made it popular. Inside the game, players will take on the role of a summoner who controls a champion (an avatar; a fighter) who possesses unique abilities.

The goal is for the summoner to summon his or her champion and for said champion to defeat the competition. In basic gaming, this is done vs. the computer’s champion. In tournament play, as in with competitive gaming, it’s done vs. other live players on the arena stage.

The game itself has been out since 2009, so it’s not a new trend in the market. By 2012, tournaments started around the globe, and they’ve been continuing since. By stat, over 67 million play this game worldwide, with 27 million playing daily. With different champions, different skills, and different maps, this is a game that, while simple in premise, can deliver an infinite number of potential gameplay combinations.

Basic Types of LoL Bets You Can Make For Real Money

We strongly advise you at Esports Betting Sites to learn about the betting structures of the game before you go bet on it. As you will see, these structures are fairly straightforward, and at least for right now you don’t have to concern yourself with the fantasy aspect. This is about strictly betting via a sportsbook.

Match Bets

The simplest type of bet available, a match bet is when you bet on the outcome of a match. So, say that team A is facing off against team B. If you were to bet here, you’re strictly betting on which team will prevail. Inside of this sort of bet, there are of course some proposition combinations and even live-time options that you may find via quality sportsbooks, such as which player does the best, flawless victories, map domination, etc. But for match bets, you’re simply betting on A or B to win the match.

Straight Wins

The straight wins betting structure is very similar to the match bets structure. All you’re basically doing here is picking an aspect to win. This could be a particular player/character, a team (example: team A) on a particular map, or other straightforward betting possibilities. A match bet can be considered a straight bet, but there are many more straight betting options than simply matches.

Odds Bets

To wrap your head around betting odds for Esports, look no further than a sport like the NFL. You will find handicapped odds offered at most quality sportsbooks concerning Esports. For instance, team B may be favored to win, so they have a -2 match lead in a game to five, for instance.

Or in certain tournaments where an object must be destroyed and killed (fragged) players can respawn and rejoin the game, you may be looking at odds lines like over-under lines on number of frags a certain team makes over another, and other similar bets.

Overall, these are very basic betting structures, and they really don’t differ from those available for conventional sports like baseball, football and basketball.

LoL Popular Real Money Tournaments

Keep in mind that there are no legitimate sporting leagues within the Esports genre. This means that tournaments start approximately, not exactly. So you might find that a tournament is set to start at the first of December, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t start until the middle.

Likewise, while some tournaments are slated to go on for weeks, they may end up wrapping up in days, if the action is fast and a team(s) starts dominating the competition. So there is no set schedule per se; it’s more or less an approximation. That being said, some of the big LoL tournaments include:

• LoL World Championship – this starts around the month of October and typically lasts a few weeks. Riot Games, LoL’s developers, host it and have hosted since 2011
• Summoner’s Cup – in ’14, it was in Singapore; in ’15, it was in Berlin. This event is typically played wherever the buzz is the loudest, and only the very best in the world stand a chance here

Keep your eyes peeled for other LoL tournaments. Typically, you can find these happening on local levels, where a few teams will get together and play. International tournaments with prize pools of millions of dollars are the exception and not the rule, at least for right now. What we hope is that you school yourself on the betting styles of these games so that you’re in a position to win money once you bet.

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