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Betting On StarCraft 2 Esports In 2024

In 1998, PC gamers got a huge thrill when the original StarCraft was released. The game was so popular that its popularity actually harmed the production of a sequel. Developers Blizzard Entertainment weren’t so keen on the idea of releasing a sequel when the original was still doing so well.

However, in 2010, Blizzard did release StarCraft 2, and the game has been bigger, badder and bolder in every way, particularly in the realm of Esports.

This real-time strategy (RTS) game has some serious sci-fi edge to it, like Star Trek meets Star Wars and introduces elements of Independence Day in shoot-’em-up style. It’s no secret why StarCraft 2 has risen through the ranks. What’s also absent surprise is the ascension of StarCraft 2 into the betting stratosphere. Today, a few popular sportsbooks offer lines on Esports, and StarCraft is perhaps their biggest draw.

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A Bit about StarCraft 2

Starcraft 2

Technically an RTS game with a military science fiction theme, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was released as a standalone sequel, albeit through a three-step expansion pack, which actually ends up constituting separate independent sequels once you break it down (ala LOTR). Inside of the game, three species of extraterrestrial life are focused on: The exiled humans from Earth, the Terrans; a Borg-like assimilation species in the Zerg; and a very advanced species with telekinetic powers, the Protoss.

The basic game is based around Jim Raynor, the main protagonist, and follows his insurgents as they face off against the cruel autocratic Terran Dominion. These campaigns certainly attract a big audience, but what gets even more acclaim is the P2P play of the game.

Once you open up space camps and allow teams to face off against one another, an entirely new level of action is introduced into the game. It becomes not only about brute force and talent to do battle, but also about strategizing and playing a chess match within a game where the lasers and photon torpedoes are flying constantly. You can find quite a few places at which to bet on StarCraft 2, and also a few solid tournaments around.

Some Popular Real Money Betting Types With The StarCraft 2 Game

Those unfamiliar with Esports may be thinking that, hey, it’s only a video game. So why not just go throw some money down on a team you view as the hottest right now? Well, it’s not impossible to win money that way. However, approaching betting on Esports from an uninformed position means you’re betting with greatly increased risk.

At Esports Betting Sites, we cant to help you reduce and ultimately eliminate such risks, and we want you to win on high-quality sportsbooks when you bet Esports. That being said, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of these betting types.

Betting On Outright Winners

For the purposes of this article, let’s say that there are two teams facing off: The Picards and the Kirks. Now, for a bet on the outright winner, what you’re betting is, of course, the team that will win the match. This is an outright bet, i.e. a straight bet, and so you’re not picking any handicap, like the Kirks having to cover by two games or anything. This is just the simplest betting option, and you bet on which team you feel will win.

Now, of course, you still want to back up your pick with statistics. Find out which team does well in which map, or against which team; find out which players are the best and who’s playing in a match. Use stats here to help you form a better understanding of who is more likely to win. In the case of an incomplete picture, a match that’s too close to call, etc, you can then find handicapped odds.

Handicapped Odds

Okay, using our make-believe examples again, let’s say the Kirks beat the Picards and are now playing the DeathStars. The DeathStars have been on a tear of late, seemingly unstoppable. So, in a match to five wins (first to five), this team has been given a favorable position over the Kirks, with the DeathStars -1.5. This means that they have to clear a solid two on the board; e.g. they have to win 5-3, at the least, for you to cover.

These handicapped odds may make it easier for you to bet on a winner, but don’t forget that you need your stats here too. If, for instance, the leading player for the DeathStars suddenly drops out, or if they draw a map where the Kirks are undefeated, this may alter your bet and cause you to bet on the Kirks to cover that 1.5 spread. Always use information to guide your decisions.

Prop Bets

Given the community atmosphere and popularity of an Esporting event on a sportsbook, you may find that there are prop bets (proposition bets) to be had. This is a type of bet where you’re betting on certain things to happen in a game, not necessarily the outcome.

So, let’s say that JohnnyRocket plays for the Kirks and is the leading fragger (killer) in the tournament’s first few rounds. You may be able to find a prop bet which says he will be the leading fragger in the finals, or even that he won’t be, etc.

You may also be able to find bets on teams via certain maps, against certain teams, etc. These types of bets are typically made with the community rather than the book, and you can bet on a wide range of gaming aspects.

Playing Tournaments to Be Aware of with StarCraft 2

The game of StarCraft 2 is internationally recognized and thus there are many different tournaments that happens all around the globe. However, the tournaments that offer huge prize pools are few and far between, and you will have to keep your eyes open to catch these. Here are just a couple of the big tournaments offered for StarCraft 2.

• The World Cyber Games featured a standout StarCraft 2 tournament, and it’s now known as the World Cyber Arena and still features the game
• The Global StarCraft 2 League is obviously a league that came about just for the game in question, and it’s hosted by Blizzard Entertainment, the game’s creators, and GOMeXp. The best players in the world play here, and noobs are fragged out instantly
• The Major League Gaming event, typically held in the US, also features a StarCraft 2 category, and it pays out big money and features the best gamers on the planet

Keep in mind that, as a betting resource site, we’re all about realism. And realistically speaking, your odds of successfully betting on StarCraft 2 via a sportsbook are much greater than your odds of winning at StarCraft 2 vs. professional gamers. This is why our advice is that you focus on the betting here and not so much the game. It’s why we focus on the betting and not on tips to play the game. If you can understand this, you may end up winning some good money on a sportsbook.

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