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Nitrogen Esports Betting Site Review 2024

Back in 2013, a humble sportsbook of middling repute decided to rebrand itself into what we know of today as Nitrogen Sports. Nitrogen is one of today’s only Bitcoin-specific sportsbooks, and one of the only places where one can play completely anonymously. These options appeal to a certain type of gambler out there whose anonymity and banking preferences aren’t exactly mainstream, and that’s actually a good thing.

You might not think so, but networks like Nitrogen Sports are growing in popularity exponentially faster than traditional sportsbooks, proving that people do appreciate things like their anonymity and the ability to use Bitcoin to instantly transfer funds back and forth with a site. But Nitrogen Sports doesn’t only stand out for those few things. It’s also one of the best sportsbooks around for Esports.

This growing genre is represented today by hundreds of different sportsbooks, but most happen to treat the genre as a simple aside, offering a few options for the biggest tournaments without getting into any depth. Nitrogen Sports completely changes this dynamic and actually offers as much for Esports as some books offer for things like football or basketball.

Another big selling point for Nitrogen Sports is its impressive customer support team. Most every popular website has solid customer support; it’s part of what makes them popular. But Nitrogen Sports has a friendly support staff that’s easily accessible from a chat feature on the main page of the site and also in a community board where gamblers can leave suggestions and have ongoing discussions with support about how Nitrogen can better tailor their features to suit their audience.

This same feature also allows gamblers to speak with one another, which makes for a great props feature whereby the community can set some bets for various matches outside of the traditional lines. All in all, Nitrogen Sports is one of those sportsbooks whose strong points are so strong that you don’t really even pay attention to their weaker points. It’s far from the perfect site, but it’s a very cool, unique place to gamble, particularly if you’re an E-sports fan.

Nitrogen Sports Licensing and Security

When it comes to the secure atmosphere of Nitrogen Sports, one would be hard-pressed to find a site with a better sense of overall security. This came about due to a security breach a few years ago. Although the site was only down for a couple of hours, and no harm was really done, Nitrogen Sports realized that it wasn’t enough to be unique and anonymous; it also had to be completely secure.

So they reworked their 128-bit SSL encryption, provided more security to their main servers, and made it where players would always be 100% secure, no matter what, by never having to offer any personal information whatsoever beyond their Bitcoin wallet addresses. Players do not have to give Nitrogren Sports their real name, address, phone number, CC info, or anything else. You can’t really find anything more secure than that on today’s web.

As far as their licensing information, Nitrogen Sports is very transparent, so this sort of info is easy to track down. Nitrogen Sports’ parent company is Ideal Media Incorporated, which is located in San Juan, Costa Rica and is also licensed and regulated out of Costa Rica. Their offshore status means that they’re not beholden to the laws of the United States in any way whatever, so they can offer their services to US players. And since they use Bitcoin for banking, Nitrogen actually offers its site to everyone. There are no banned countries or territories.

Nitrogen Sports Software

On its immediate face, the software of Nitrogen Sports seems incredibly simplistic. However, the responsive template Nitrogen uses is actually ahead of the game. The interface is responsive, which means that it will adjust fully to any sized screen on any device you use, and all features will be available for you despite which OS you’re using. So you can get the same experience with an iPhone that you’d get with a Windows desktop.

But more than being responsive and able to operate on any OS and any sized screen, the template is also very intuitive. It recognizes the differences between a full-screen experience and having to use the mouse, and in a touch-screen experience where a player is using his or her finger.

The features of this proprietary software are also intuitive, as Nitrogen Sports understands the types of features that gamblers want. For instance, your bet slip will always stay on the screen, no matter where you navigate. And your Bitcoin account information will always be posted on the top of the page, no matter how small or large the page becomes, and no matter which tabs you’re selecting. Everything that goes on with your betting will be directly in front of your face, so there’s never any cause for confusion, and you’re never going to get lost in the site navigation.

Bonuses and Promotions at Nitrogen

Throughout our gambling network of sites, the bonuses and promotions section is one our favorite things to research and write. We love finding out about all the many different ways by which a gambling website tries to entice people to sign up with their sites, and so we uncover a lot of lucrative and unique bonuses and promotions. Unfortunately for anyone joining up with Nitrogen Sports, you don’t get a welcome bonus here.

Yes, for as great as the website is, this is a big negative matzah ball hanging out there that we cannot ignore. We give it to you straight here, as honest and impartial as we can, and the fact of the matter is that there’s no welcome bonus structure at all with Nitrogen. That’s solely because Nitrogen Sports is anonymous. Since you’re not using any personal information or any other payment option other than Bitcoin, there’s no real way for the site to track the dispersal of funds on a deposit match.

The fact that Bitcoin values continue to climb might be bonus enough for some, but it’s an unavoidable fact that Nitrogen lacks any bonuses in this regard. We feel that their instant bitcoin withdrawals more than makes up for the lack of signup bonuses.

The site isn’t completely without promotions altogether, however. For instance, Nitrogen Sports offers up a monthly parlay promotion. Players who earn the highest monthly parlay payouts will receive extra cash on top of their payouts. This will range depending on what the site’s number is for any particular month, but some players report earning $100 or more free based on their parlay earnings.

Nitrogen Sports Banking Options

The overwhelming majority of websites you sign up with for gambling are going to provide you with a variety of banking options. Most offer you the opportunity to use credit cards, bank transfers, wired money, and various e-wallet options. For Nitrogen Sports, however, you can only use one type of payment method for depositing or withdrawing, and that’s Bitcoin. Nitrogen Sports is a Bitcoin-exclusive site, so they’re never going to have any other method of banking available other than Bitcoin.

For those unfamiliar with the system, Bitcoin is a completely digital currency that works in peer-to-peer fashion, and it’s not regulated or controlled or monitored in any way by any government authority or central bank. It’s a wholly invented digital currency, but because of the universal market principles of supply and demand, Bitcoins have continued to rise in value for years now, and they’re not showing any sign of slowing down.

You can get Bitcoins very easily. All you need to do is download a wallet or use an online service such as coinbase and purchase some coins, or coin pieces, from a reputable source, and then it’s as simple as entering your Bitcoin wallet address into Nitrogen Sports. After that, you will tell the site how much you want to deposit or withdrawal, and you will see the funds transfer instantly.

There is no fee, no waiting times, and Bitcoin is far and away the most secure way to bank on the Internet. So while Nitrogen doesn’t offer you multiple options, they do offer you the best possible option and are one of the few sites that offers instant bitcoin payouts.

Esports Betting Options and Lines at Nitrogen

Being an Esports site, we’re all about delivering you information specific to this genre. With Nitrogen Sports, it’s incredibly easy to find and bet on a wide variety of E-sports. On the homepage of the site, you will see Esports listed on the left-hand side of the screen. Just click on that option and you’ll see the “Staring Soon” section, which typically gives you matches like Counter-Strike league matches, tournaments, and various championships from around the globe.

You can also find Dota 2 championships from Canada, Europe, the US, and online leagues like the WePlay league, and much more. League of Legends is another very popular game, offering tournaments and matches from Korea, Europe, the USA, etc. And they even have Starcraft 2, which isn’t available on many sportsbooks, even if they do offer an Esports option.

The E-sports section is forever changing based on which tournaments and matches are happening at the moment, but they always have something exciting happening in this category. Once you click on the Esports title you want, you will see where you can bet on the moneyline, spreads, and even particular kill counts and other options.

If you want to step outside of your comfort zone in Esports, Nitrogen Sports offers an incredibly broad range of sports on which you can bet. They have volleyball, tennis and table tennis, handball, rugby, soccer, MMA, tennis, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, and various options like pro leagues and collegiate games, various international leagues, and so much more.

You will also find props and futures sections for most of these sports. The only place where Nitrogen Sports doesn’t shine quite as bright is with live events. Although they do offer some live betting on e-sports, the options here are fairly slim.

Benefits of Playing At Nitrogen Sports

So, you’ve been reading all about Nitrogen Sports in this piece, but since everything is just a text block, you’re having a tough time figuring out the site’s main benefits. Well, this is why we’re including a standalone section, listing the site’s main benefits. The decision is ultimately yours with whether or not you choose to play at Nitrogen Sports, but these benefits might just convince you that you need to be playing there, particularly if you’re an E-sports fan. The benefits include:

• Nitrogen has an incredibly large section dedicated solely to E-sports
• You can play from the site completely anonymously
• You never have to give any personal information to Nitrogen, meaning you will always be anonymous
• It’s very easy to speak with support and other members from the site’s chat feature
• Bitcoin is a huge boon for gamblers, and Nitrogen Sports is Bitcoin central
• The software design is innovative and intuitive
• While there isn’t a welcome bonus, you can still earn free cash if you parlay well
• Their options outside of Esports are also incredibly vast
• It takes about 2 minutes to sign up and start playing with Nitrogen Sports
• You’d be hard-pressed to find another site with as much security

Throughout this piece, we have tried to convey that Nitrogen Sports is a very unique sportsbook with a ton of Esports options and some great benefits that make it an ideal place for one to gamble. Of course, we’re up front and honest about the site’s shortcomings as well. We don’t really understand fully why the Bitcoin addresses cannot be tracked by the site in order to offer players a welcome bonus.

That would really put the site over the top and give it a rating of 100, in our opinion, rather than the 93 we’re scoring it now. Being without that welcome bonus is just a bummer; it would be awesome to have one. However, even without the bonus, Nitrogen Sports is one of the most innovative and secure sportsbooks we have ever ran across, and the number of positive benefits outweigh the negatives at least 20:1. As a gambler, one should appreciate those one-sided odds.